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[nyc show] gig update 8/1.

Just a quick note to keep you all in the loop.

Things continue to look good for an October or November slot
in, we hope, the main room at the Knitting Factory.

dt is investigating headliners and sponsors.

While I have you on the phone, let's make a time-table.

Call the unknown date of the first show T:

T, T+1 or T+7 and/or T+? -- the show(s).  kudos, applause, instant stardom

  T-10 -- last date for advertising submissions and event calendars.

(T-14 -- last date for arrival of T-shirts.)

  T-28 -- last date to have fliers printed.

  T-35 -- last date to have final flier design.

  T-37 -- absolutely last day for changes in line-up.

  T-42 -- last date for changes in line-up.
          last date for flier design approved.

(T-45 -- last date for final LD T-shirt design.)

  T-49 -- last date for start of flier design.

(T-56 -- last date for approval of LD T-shirt design.)

So, it really takes us at least 49 days from the time
we pull the trigger to the time that we can do the show,

and that's assuming we have a final line-up on that date
and a flier designed (though not finished).

(The T-shirt is really an independent process, I just put
it in the chart for reference...)

49 days from today, August 1, is September 19.  So we are
ahead of the game for the moment... but we lose a day
for every day that passes.

If we had an completed flier and line-up already, we could
cut that down to 37 days!

Awright, back to work...

I'll update the NYC loopers page on the weekend and another
gig update next week.


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