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Re: the electrix repeater

At 01:56 PM 8/1/2001, diatom drone wrote:
>then again the musician's friend site seems to think it's showing up this
>afternoon. the truth is, it's like the sun burning out or the second 

MF.com has been updating the expected date of release to be that day for 
the last 2 weeks. i got an email from electrix today with an update. they 
are indeed fixing up the software after some problems were found. they 
"any day now...a couple of weeks... weeks... another month... a few 
nice that they were so specific. :/

call it aug 31 i guess but at this rate i'm thinking of just getting 
something else.

if i recall the original release date was going to be Oct 2000.

i suggested they just release the damn thing and fix the software later 
issue updates. i don't think they understand how software releases work 
(ie. you don't have to make the thing perfect)