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Re: the electrix repeater

sine@zerocrossing.net writes:

>My guess is that they have not been honest from the start. 
methinks that yer guess is off-the-mark.

>I saw what seemed
>to me to be a fully functional unit at Bananna's At Large in San Rafael,
>CA.  I
>was there for a very long time and the unit did not crash or malfunction
the potential depth of features was not covered, in those demos: 'tis most 
probable that you only heard the basics employed.

>Does perfection exist?  No.  So what's the real story?  Who knows, but
>Electrix isn't saying.
i know..... or, at least i *think* i do. they want the unit to be as fully 
functional ---as regards the release spec. in the 'manual'--- as possible.
it's really close: painfully close, for themall.
>Maybe they're still trying to get that power supply right.
i don't think so.

> I think it's funny that they used to post to the list almost every day, 
>now they are amazingly quiet.
quiet, because they probably couldn't continue to keep up with the myriad 
'probing queries', esp. re: schedule.
they sure appear to be trying **really, really hard** to get this first 
release 'right';
maybe they should never have shown the box that early on.....

don't most folks here have at least one looper, awready?
w/music technology, i've -personally- found it to be a grievous 
(psychological) error to base the direction/quantity of present & future 
output upon products that are still TBR.
(like: 'i'm not gonna write a blahblahblah-kinda piece, until Apple puts 
a triple-1.27 gHz machine', etc etc.....)
i've found that my 'consumer-in-abeyance' attitude -when it becomes 
usually delays insight/exploration of *whatever* tools i have at hand.....

that, of course, doesn't mean i stop looking *forward* to/saving dosh for 
those products --- i just don't wanna let my desire to move forward become 
'blocked' by what is ---functionally--- my deep consumerism, oft run 

(thisall from a guy who just waited a few months for a really crazy new 

just some thawts.
looking forward to a fully-functional repeater's imminent arrival!
aw, shucks,
dt / s-c