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Re: the electrix repeater

In a message dated 08/01/2001 9:05:09 PM, sine@zerocrossing.net writes:

>Sorry Tom, but where I come from when someone tells you something like,
>"as soon
>as we get a power supply..." at a point when they're 10 months away from
>finished software, you are being lied to.  When you're told a shipping
>date at a
>point when "nasty crashes and lock-ups...or card memory corruption!!" is
>close to being an issue, you are being lied to.  Maybe in the sunny love
>love land
>where you live, everyone tries very hard at their job and does a great
>job, but
>here in the real world, I find people that call themselves "project 
>"marketing engineers" to talk out their ass on a regular basis.  Setting
>unrealistic due dates is one of their greatest skills.  I'd love to here
>uncensored version of what's going on at Electrix from an 
>engineer.  I'd bet we'd all have a nice chuckle.

.....have ya ever worked on a record, or a film?
that thought might engender some reasonable forgiveness, for 'process'.
me, i never pre-order cd's (nor film tickets) when i know that the 
project-in-question's still in process.
(though i'll pay-in-advance for new EDP software, kim, ifya want me to!)
dt / s-c