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Re: Peter

If you can find any of the "megamouth" toys, you can do some cool stuff
without even opening up the circuit.  They're mic is very close to their
speaker.  By cuping your hands or using a plastic bowl, you can make nice
little feedback devices with them that are controllable in interesting 
I also found a pitch shifter halloween toy that has a mic on a chord so it 
be placed directly on the speaker.  Haven't actually opened up anything 
but I did a video show where I took an Atari 2600 and stuffed a fork into 
game slot and got nice a/v results.


Scott Anderson wrote:

> ...the arrival of benevolent father figure aliens...
> [Jon]
> I thought they were going to be androgynous.
> Don't hold your breath for the Repeater.
> [Mark Sottilaro]
> -the vital looping function of breathing.
> Does anyone on the list use "circuit bent" instruments? If so, I'd like 
> hear your music.
> Scott
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