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Re: the electrix repeater

True, true, true.... however, I'm sure I'm not the only one on the list 
that feels
that part of their craft IS gear wrangling?  The glee of a new vocoder, or 
modified Speak and Spell, or even something as lo-tech as a new Tibetan 
bowl.  Striking a balance between the spontaneity that a new "toy" can 
help along
and the depth of creativity that can only be obtained through intimacy 
with one's
gear, is the real trick.

Is it wrong to long for a stereo looper?  Than I don't want to be right.


stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:

> i concur and in the words of a great painter: "adapt yourself to the
> contents of the paintbox"-paul klee
> stanner
> > From: Hedewa7@aol.com
> > anyways:
> > don't most folks here have at least one looper, awready?
> > w/music technology, i've -personally- found it to be a grievous
> > (psychological) error to base the direction/quantity of present & 
> > output upon products that are still TBR.
> > (like: 'i'm not gonna write a blahblahblah-kinda piece, until Apple 
>puts out
> > a triple-1.27 gHz machine', etc etc.....)
> > i've found that my 'consumer-in-abeyance' attitude -when it becomes 
> > usually delays insight/exploration of *whatever* tools i have at 
> > just some thawts.
> > looking forward to a fully-functional repeater's imminent arrival!
> > aw, shucks,
> > dt / s-c
> >