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Re: the electrix repeater

Oh yeah, speaking of heavily modified tibetan bowls, I was at target
(pronounced tar-jay?) last night, and happened across the mixing bowl
aisle. Picked up the 8 quart brushed stainless upscale mixing bowl and
whapped the rim with my thumb. Strikingly beautiful sound! But I could
only get the big tibetan-style ringing while holding the bowl upside
down. I was hoping to be able to do a rick walker water trick with it,
but it didn't ring as much. Then the 6 qt bowl sounded just as good,
with a higher pitch. And across the aisle, a rubber-handled vegetable
brush made a wonderfull ringing sound when the handle struct the bowl,
and  cool crinkly sounds when the brush end was used. Needless to say, I
I I I didn't manage to overcome my gear acquisition syndrome, and bought
all three (total damage: about twenty bux). Look for these bowls
performing (through a looper backwards, of course) at an upcoming butoh
piece at a tiny obscure japanese box theater sometime in the future. 


> From: Mark <sine@zerocrossing.net>
> True, true, true.... however, I'm sure I'm not the only one on the list 
>that feels
> that part of their craft IS gear wrangling?  The glee of a new vocoder, 
>or heavily
> modified Speak and Spell, or even something as lo-tech as a new Tibetan 
> bowl.  Striking a balance between the spontaneity that a new "toy" can 
>help along
> and the depth of creativity that can only be obtained through intimacy 
>with one's
> gear, is the real trick.
> Is it wrong to long for a stereo looper?  Than I don't want to be right.
> Mark