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Integrating an EDP (or looper) into live rig, was RE: EDP foot switch.

Sorry for being a bit long winded ...

What is the best way to add an EDP into a live rig?  I am a wind player 
& EWI), not guitar player.

I have been connecting all my synths to a Mackie 1202, and then using my 
bus to add in effects from my Lex MPX1.  In fact to add compression, I used
the Alt3/4 capability to route all my channels to channles 3 & 4 so that I
could insert compression on the whole mix before adding in the effects.  My
output to the house system is stereo so that I can use IEMs to monitor in
stereo.  I send the main mix to a direct box that can then convert the mix
into either mono or stereo mix, depending on what the house can handle.

With all that being said, I am now in the process of converting my rig to a
series type set up (no effects busses) so that I can prewire my rig using 
Ashly 8 stereo channel line mixer, because frankly I am tired of the 30-45
minutes it takes just to set up with all the wires going to the Mackie.
Anyway, I will now connect all my synths (permantly) to the Ashly mixer,
along with a rackmount mic pre for my saxes, come out of the Ashly and into
the compressor, then next into the Lexicon MPX1 (where I will now control
the wet/dry mix instead of at the Mackie) and then finally out to my stereo
direct box as before for the house connection. I think this arrangement 
help to drastically reduce the time it takes to set up and tear down.

The reason for saying all this is ... up to this point, I have been 
about getting the Repeater (of which I have one on order).  But, like many
others here, I am tiring of the continuous extensions of delivery and am 
considering the possibility of getting the EDP instead.  However, the
Repeater is stereo and connecting it into my signal (I assume after my
effects in the new series setup) path would have been fairly straight
forward.  But, the EDP is mono (I can't afford to get two for stereo) so 
do I add it into my configuration so that I have the greatest amount of
flexibility and maintain the kind of sound path that I have become
accustomed to.  I have never used looping before so I really don't know the
best method of connecting everything (ie, pre or post compression, pre or
post effects, etc.). Is it handled like an effects processor such as
compression, distortion, etc. with all the considerations about optimal
signal path?

Steve Ginn

> Mark
> you wont regret to have a dedicated EDP foot controller for the imediate
> availability of any function
> with a midi foot controler you will probably have different banks for
> accessing other toys in your rig
> and therefore never be on the right bank when you suddenly will fire an
> EDP function
> get the edp its the best looper around
> in fact get two
> <G>
> Claude