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RE: where to find echoplex info

At 5:18 AM -0700 8/3/01, M. Steven Ginn wrote:
>Where can I find more detailed information about the EDP?  Has anyone 
>done a
>side by side comparison of supposed features between the repeater and EDP?

on Looper's Delight, of course!


the echoplex section has playing tips, FAQ, tutorial by Matthias,
information on footpedals, and the whole manual as a pdf file. Plus, you
could always search the list archives for all the echoplex discussion that
has happened over the years.

There is a comparison chart between the echoplex and the jamman on both the
echoplex and jamman sections of the site. I've been meaning to expand that
idea to a big chart showing all possible loop functions and all loopers so
you can easily compare which device does what. haven't had time for that
yet. I figured once the repeater finally showed up all sorts of people
would ask for something like that.


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