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Re: MIDIclock and other syncing

>  > I remember that JamMan users always complained about the little hicks
>>   they get when syncing with MIDI. Its what you get with MIDIclock.
>>   More or less. I wonder how well the Repeater solves it. Maybe thats
>>   what they are fighting with right now?
>>   Does anyone use MIDIclock to sync audio equipment in a studio?
>I've been syncing my EDPs to a JamMan. It's not perfect but does work.

Thats why they have a work clock master and go through all units with 
it in a professional studio. But then still nothing musical is 
exchanged, so we need to sync on another level out of Cycle, Bar, 
Loop - and MIDIclock is not ideal for this either.
But yes, it helps, its better than nothing :-)

>I haven't found a way to keep the 2 EDPs brothersynced and still have them
>respond to MIDI input.

well, they dont work totally equal in parallel, so when one unit does 
a sync correction and the other does not, the phase changes which 
turns out in a jump in the stereo picture, but they dont fall out of 
sync, do they?
In the upgrade we improved this a lot, but we still depend on the 
regularity of the "rare" MIDIclocks, there is too much of a 
probability that a clock did arrive in one unit but not yet in the 

>Basically I see the 'little hicks' problem as insoluable, because
>MIDI timing just isn't accurate enough for audio loops.

yes, it takes a word clock (at sample frequency) to keep them 
together constantely.

>The EDP is very impressive in how it minimises this by
>crossfading, something that wasn't even attempted on the JamMan.
>As long as Quantise is on the EDPs stay synced with the JamMan
>through all sorts of Inserts, Reverses and Multiplies.


>>The upgrade goes much further with this.
>>  you can define whether you want to follow
>>the others timing or create a new one which then your brother can
>>take over if he likes it.
>The current software already allows this (undocumented).
>Recording on a blank Loop syncs, but
>re-recording on a curent loop doesn't.
>(a really nice feature)

yes, as it is now, you have to use Replace or FeedBack=0 + Overdub to 
start a new sound on the already synced loop. When you Reset and 
start a new one immediately, its not synced, if you wait for the 
first sync, it quantizes the Record to sync up.

In the upgrade, it stays synced if you do a direct Record, and if you 
want to go on unsynced, you have to reset and press Overdub and it 
will only sync again, when you press Overdub again.
Plus the syncing is not made by a quantized Record any more, but by 
"Multiply" over the brothers Cycle.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org