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oh... you HAD to ask, din'cha?

like what they said

> This email is to inform you that the much anticipated day has
> arrived.....Repeater will starting shipping Thursday!!!!!!!

so you went

It'll be kinda sad if the Repeater DOES actually ship.
I mean, what will we complain about then?   /t

and i answer:
that's EASY!

rehashilzer  tm !

rehashilzer  tm is the newst, hottest thing not out yet.

rehashilzer  tm takes ANY idea.... not just music or movies or teleproductions or political cant... but ANYTHING... and reprograms, repackages AND remarkets it to ANY target audience you designate.

it's time we realized that our cultural development has, in essence, "looped" in upon itself. planet of the apes 2001? nick at night? the entire jive records stable? it's not just a time warp we're caught in, it's the cosmic equiv of the return band at the end of an LP side (those who have never seen a vinyl record just hang on, we'll be rehashing those first.) "play me again! play me again!" our culture demands... and those who have The Power of rehashilzer  tm will be set to cave in, again and aga... whoops, i mean, repeatedly.... oops... i mean... as much as they like.

"when's it coming out" you ask? well..... how much money you got on you?


just what the world needs....
another frikkin url