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Re: Echoplex manual discussion--how many people use several loops?

Hi Loopers,
      I like using two or three loops, building them slowly.  I start with 
the Roland HD-15 Handsonic and lay down a grove over all loops.  On the 
second pass I can add a different instument to each loop using the Roland 
GR-33.  On a third pass I may color a little with either unit and possibly 
solo over specific passages.  Sometimes I undo parts attempting to keep 
audience guessing what is looped and what is not.
I am still in an experimental stage with all my new equipment but it's the 
best way I've found to unwind and relax and this discussion online is a 
help in getting new ideas!

Thanks Everyone!


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Hi Potential Repeater owners,
I am still up for discussing the manual for the Echoplex with the 
members of this list--although Kim and Andre covered a lot of ground with
the thread on "record"!  Here's a potential topic for discussion--how many
people use separate loops, as opposed to constructing one big loop?  I find
it tough to keep the flow going when improvising if I try to do too much.
Also, how many folks are using prepared audio in their performances--that
is, recording into the Echoplex before a performance and then playing it
back during a live thing?

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