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Re: Basic intro (OT)

> Hmmmm, maybe, but here's an analogy: Restaurant A makes a fine artichoke
> appetizer. Restaurant B is famous for its rich, chocolatey Black Forest
> Torte. ...

As another view, perhaps this is a "deployment of technology" issue...

[ DISCLAIMER: The following is best appreciated in a sleep-deprived state.]

The first musicians argued endlessly about what constituted "real music".

Ug-Ug said, "Ah EE O La La gah gah diddy WAH diddy."

Which is caveperson talk for - "Man, these younger guys just burn me up.
They use these 'things', instruments I think they call them,  to make 
and they call that *making music*.  That ain't making music!  It's merely
using things that others have made.  Sure, they're good at presenting
sounds, but it's the instrument that's making the sound, not the player.
Now, singing and chanting...that's *real* music."

To which Gu-Gu replied, "Ech Rrrr zch Pft DIDDY wah DIDDY."

Which is caveperson talk for, "Yeah, whatever.  Hey!  I hear the Repeater 
shipping tomorrow!"

Dennis Leas