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Re: Repeater shipped today!

i just checked out the site. that's just great! you guys must feel 
really good about that! congrats! i think this is going to be a 
revolutionary product. the first line of electrix stuff is simply 
amazing. now the questions is: what next?? :)

whatever it is, you can be sure i am going to wait until they are in 
the stores before i put any deposits down! no offence.... :)

- user of maestro echoplexes c.1980's
- user of jamman c.late 1990's
- waiting for repeater c.2000/1

>Hey all,
>Repeater has left the building!
>If there are any doubters out there, you can check out our site for
>irrefutable evidence that this baby is shipping.
>Damon Langlois
>Creative Director
>Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100