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Re: Stereo EDP

> that is mostly right, but you are forgetting about the brothersync
> connection that is necessary for putting multiple echoplexes together 
> this. It does two things, one is to synchronize the actual system clocks
> the different units to operate at the same frequency. That keeps them 
> drifting over time.  The second thing is to provide a precise indication
> when the Record button is pressed. That combined with midi is how the
> stereo operation works.

Thanks, Kim!

I did not realize the BrotherSync connection did so much!  I thought it
communicated only clock data.  Cool!

Again, I am amazed at the superb design/engineering of the EDP.  I know of
few other products which have such a long lifespan without redesign AND
still perform at the top of their class (maybe oatmeal and FTP).

Dennis Leas