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Re: Repeater Foot Controller

tell me more of this wondrous pmc 10. will it send sysex info? and long
strings of midi caommands to multiple devices on multiple channels? does it
store song names and strings of commands? i'ave been looking to replace my
midigator before my last two die...


on 8/16/01 7:48 PM, Gary Lehmann at healthquestrecruiter@earthlink.net

> Paul Richard wondered:
>> I know somewhere in the murky past, this topic was discussed, but what 
>> folks gonna use to control this beast?
> Then Ric declared:
> i can recommend highly the lake butler midi midigator.  it's
> "out ot print" but they do pop up used. it'll send many midi message per
> footoswitch inlcluding sysex, program, controllers, and it has an input 
> acv pedal with many many options. it stores song titles with strings of
> changes for each of the five switches per song. somehting like 128 
> pretty amazing.
> monk
> ^^^I like the Mitigator (I can't dispose of mine--it's in storage) but it
> pales in comparison to the PMC-10 by Digitech--same thing only different,
> although less bulletproof.  My question is, will Electrix manufacture a 
> featured controller to rival the PMC?  SOMEBODY really ought to--
> Gary