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Re: Repeater Foot Controller

Title: Re: Repeater Foot Controller
>i'ave been looking to replace my
>midigator before my last two die...

I bought a used MIDI Mitigator, and it started to flake out and lose its presets. This proved to be a worn out battery. I ordered a replacement from Lake Butler and installed it myself. This fixed my problem.

A problem that may be more difficult to fix is contacting the Mitigator manufacturer Lake Butler Sound Company.  They appear to have gone out of business. Lake Butler itself is apparently still there, and Emmett Bradford had a residential listing last I looked, but I didn't pursue it further.

I agree that it is a solid and flexible piece of gear. My major complaint is that it has only five registers per bank (lots of banks though). The Digitech PMC-10 (also discontinued) has much greater flexibility but is extremely fragile. The switches in particular are funky and easy to break, and replacement parts are not to be had.

My choice is usually to combine a solidly built but basically "dumb" controller with a computer running Max. The advantage of this is unlimited control flexibility, since you can program what you need. The disadvantage is that you have to use a computer (not a big schlep if it's a Powerbook or iBook) and that you have be able to program. Neither of those is a big problem in my book. You can buy a serviceable older Powerbook for $100 and a MIDI interface for $50. Programming in Max is easy.

Richard Zvonar, PhD      
(818) 788-2202