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Re: Repeater Foot Controller

-----Original Message-----
From: mr monk <monk@fuse.net>

>mine are both still working (thank god).... knock wood... but i dispair of
>finding something to take their place...i am always on the look out for a
>backup-backup.  an audio engineer friend of mine always says " have two of
>everything, if it's something you USE, then have three..."

Sage advice for a pro or a rich enthusiast.  But you previously said:
>>> i'ave been looking to replace my
>>> midigator before my last two die...

That led me to believe you've had more in the past and that they died 
repair.  Did I extrapolate incorrectly?



>on 8/16/01 8:55 PM, Bill Fox at billfox@fast.net wrote:
>> Of what did your previous Midigators die?  (How many died on you?)