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(OT) NYC (& environs) tornic GIGSPAM

i'll be improvising along with:
robert creeley (poetry, MC), steve swallow (e-bass), david cast-T 
(winds/electronics), chris massey (drums)

friday 8/24
knitting factory main space, leonard st, nyc: 8 & 10pm shows

saturday 8/25
maverick concert series/poetry festival, maverick rd, woodstock, ny: 8pm

i suspect there'll be a bit of a 'jazzlich' backdrop.

i'll be looping various 'input' w/repeater, EDP, pcm42.
for the moment, i believe that these are my only *confirmed* live 
performances in 2001.
say hello, please, if yer present!

more info on nyc loopfest, soon, methinks.

david torn / splattercell