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Re: OT Austin Douglas Touch Guitars

> > Hi all. I just found through a guitar site the link to austin douglas
> > guitars. From the site they seem to be a cheap line of the Warr
> > guitars. Has anyone here ever tried one? Can you tell me something
> > 'bout them? I'm interested in one.
> Unlike the Warr line, the ADGs don't have the wonderfully shaped bodies
> nor the higher-end active electronics of their big brothers. They're 
> to be more of a "production" instrument than the custom built nature of
> each Warr.

.... though I still don't understand why "production" nneds to equal 
this is of course a matter of personal taste but I really don't like the 
shape.  Why he can't make something like the Warr but slab-sided (the way
PRS are doing with the Santana) I don't know.

Are ADGs actually made by MArk Warr or his son?   I heard that was where 
name came from, but don't know if that translates to who actually makes the