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EDP Syncing/Setup Question

Hi all.

I just upgraded my DL-4/Boomerang rig to include two EDP's (Alto Music was
wonderful, btw.) Man those EDP's are nice units! I love being able to sync
to an external source. Will be even nicer when I get my hands on a Repeater
and I can get rid of my computer from the rig.... But that's another thread

Anyway, I noticed after resetting the EDPs to factory defaults and hooking
them up for stereo use (brothersync w/TRS and midi out from master to midi 
on slave) that I get some odd behavour.

It seems that the first time I try to change a parameter on the master, for
example to turn on quantizing and to tell the master to sync to midi in, 
slave won't -initially- respond. The slave just sits there with no 

I then hit the paramater button a couple more times to get it out of that
mode on the master, and it seems like the master EDP reboots. I get the 
title/version banner. The slave just happily sits there, smiling at me.

Then, everything seems as it should be-- the slave EDP is mirroring
everything I now do on the master, including parameter changes. All my
previous parameter changes I made on the master are preserved too (as
expected.) Everything is in sync, and all seems well.

I tried a few different midi and trs cables as well as switching
master/slave units around. 

Is this something I should be concerned with? 

(I apologize if it is in the FAQ, as I might have missed it.)

David S. Kenzik
david@kenzik.com -  http://kenzik.com
Original Music   -  http://text.org