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Re: Repeater frenzy

 plexus@sympatico.ca writes:

"i know you are just having some fun and that's cool. frankly, i think
electrix handled this whole repeater thing badly. they still are. recall
that the original release date was set for sometime around september 2000!
i can't think of many other music equipment companies that have had the
same kind of delays and lack of information on those delays (no pun
intended) that electrix has had."

Gibson kept me in the dark and fed me shit for almost two years before
Echoplexes came back on the market after the big hiatus.     Electrix has
handled this in far superior form.    They stayed in contact, they put up
with the bitching, much of which was just plain childish, and they didn't
just cave and put out a buggy product.   I've been dealing with equipment
vendors on and off for 10 years.   Compared to most of them, Electrix is a
class act.