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RE: MIDI Still?

> > (In the virtual world,  what is realtime to me may still be 4 seconds
> > you, but when you're sync'd to a clock what does it matter? As long as
> > tempo stays the same for all involved.)
> >
> I have been waiting (sure I'm not the only one) for the day live jamming
> on-line will be possible. I'm afraid that day is still far.
> However, for those who may be interested:

I have some software which is capable of realtime transmission of MIDI
between several sites, and which keeps each site synced so that it hears
things from the other sites synced to its local clock (but offset by a 
number of beats).  I used it recently (in one-way mode) to do a
live gig in St. Louis while sitting in San Jose.
I'm looking for people who are interested in doing two-way (and N-way)
jamming with this software.  If you use a PC (win98, ideally), and are
interested in this type of thing, please send me mail.  I've started a
mailing list (called radiated-music) of people interested in this
kind of thing.

    ...Tim Thompson...tjt@nosuch.com...