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Re: Conceptual "Repeater" question

actually, you don't need multiple tracks to accomplish what you are trying 
to do. You just need overdub. If you don't need to switch between 
parts (like verse/chorus) then every looper does this. If you do want to 
switch between parts, you just need a looper that supports multiple loops 
and overdubbing. That includes the Lexicon Jamman, the boomerang, the 
rc-20, and the Gibson Echoplex, in addition to the Repeater.


At 02:03 PM 8/23/2001, AALev123@aol.com wrote:
>I am am guitarist with minimal looping experience ( I had the Boss RC -20 
>a couple weeks but returned it for reasons that don't matter) anyway, the
>question is this: For a multi track looper such as repeater, are you say
>laying out an 8 bar rhythm part on guitar and then playing a bass line 
>that 8 bar loop on a separate track. When you play the loop you get the
>rhythm guitar and the bass playing together right? so if you then 
>recorded a
>chorus section the same way with a different guitar and bass part you 
>step on some type of footswitch and go back and forth between the verse 
>chorus parts soloing over each for days on end ........right?

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