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Repeater in first live performance

Hello all,
Last night I used my Repeater in performance with my improvisational 
space/beats duo, Thousand Year Warranty. On Friday morning, I 
wondered if the Bananas folks were right, that my Repeater would only 
take 2 days to ship from California (I live in Seattle). At 11:30, there 
the man-in-brown, Repeater in hand. By 12:30, it was sitting in my rack (a 
space has been waiting) and I was sitting on the couch reading the 
manual. It only took a couple of go-throughs and I got the hang of it. 
a bit different than working an EDP. I dumped the FS-300 footswitch in 
favor of single footswitch, itís easier (for now).

Well, we went on at midnight. The Repeater performed flawlessly. 
Everything synced to it without any dropouts. It sounded gorgeous, 
with minimal tweaking. I even caught my partner off-guard when I 
changed the tempo in the middle of a piece. It was worth the wait!

Louis Hesselt-van-Dinter