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Re: repeater question

First, let me say that I hope you understand I was only trying to clarify.
I hold you in such high regard, that it makes my stomach sour to think that
you *might* have perceived me as being "difficult"!!! :)

> >Maybe I misunderstood what you said?  Just wanted to make sure that the
> >poster had a good understanding of the EDP's capabilities.
> thanks; you've reminded me to re-investigate other modes of

quickly fading loops (low feedback rates) are something I play with alot on
my EDP.  I'm able to evolve the loop into new places faster.  When/if I get
to place I want to hold on to for a bit, I just crank the feedback to 100%
at that point.  I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know!! :)

>From your other msg:

>It's a bit different than working an EDP.
they are indeed *great*, together.

Any hints about how you have the EDP and Repeater setup together?  Are you
using the EDP to create multi-layered textures that you then feed into each
of the 4 "tracks" on the Repeater?  I'd love to hear more about how you're
using them together.