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Re: Repeater Question [Feedback]

At 02:01 PM 8/26/2001, Mark Landman wrote:
>Just to make sure I understand this correctly, is "overdubbing" considered
>the same as "recording" with the Repeater?

I keep getting confused by that too. to me recording and overdubbing are 
different things, with "recording" being the first layer you record in the 
loop that defines it's length, and "overdubbing" being the layers you add 
over the basic recorded loop.

>I can see having the feedback set differently for some tracks, so some
>tracks replace previous layers quicker than others when in overdub mode,
>but then "hold" their contents when out of overdub mode.

correct me if I'm misunderstanding this, but isn't that practically the 
only option with repeater? You only get control of feedback on the track 
where you are overdubbing, but the others are forced to be 100%? So you 
can't fade out the entire loop as you add something only on one or two 
tracks? And you can't record on all four tracks at once, correct? so you 
can never do a complete loop fade?

To me, the most basic feedback technique is to turn the feedback down a 
for the whole loop while I begin to overdub in new elements of where I 
the loop to go. That way I can develop a transition from point A to point 
B. Initially, while the old loop is still strong, I put in new things that 
fit with it but are beginning to set the shape of something new. As the 
things continue to die away, I add in more and more different things that 
define the new sound of the loop. Once I have it I bring the feedback up 
100% again.

so with the Repeater then, if I have all four tracks filled, and I want to 
do such a transition by beginning to add new material to one or two tracks 
as the whole rest of the loop fades out, I can't really do that can I? I 
would have to stick to just using the tracks I recorded on in the first 
place, and the other tracks wouldn't really be available to me if I wanted 
to use these feedback techniques? Am I getting that right?


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