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RE: Repeater and the CFC

Hey loopers,
 I have just learned that the first 100 or so Repeaters may have shipped
with CFC cards that had the Electrix sticker on the wrong side. I think 
is how Chris Hutton got confused and thought the card needs to be upside
down to work. The cards do not have to be inserted upside down however,
being the early adopters of Repeater, loopers on this list will probably 
units from this first batch. You might get a card with the sticker on the
wrong side. Just follow these instructions and you should be fine. 

The CFC card is keyed so it should only go in one way and should slide into
the slot fairly easily. However, if it is forced, it can be made to go in
the wrong way. Some units are easier to do this than others. Essentially 
little "lip" on the back of the card (the end that is not inserted) faces
the floor when inserting the card (as long as Repeater is not upside down).
If you get a card that has the Electrix sticker on the same side as the lip
it is on the wrong side. You need to insert the card with that sticker
facing the floor. You are also very lucky because you now have a rare
collectors item. 


Damon Langlois
Creative Director
Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100