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Re: Repeater and the CFC

hutton (05:09 PM 08.27.2001) wrote:

 >"Damon Langlois (Electrix)" wrote:
 >> http://www.simpletech.com/wtb/wtb_irt.htm
 >Try This and see what happens!

And there's a link on the left panel for US Retailers and US Distributors.

Damon's sitting in Canada, of course he's going to default to pointing you 
to the international list; Indonesia is also on that page... How does he 
know where you are?

If someone from a .com account asked me for a retailer suggestion for, 
a CDRW, I would probably point them to buy.com, or DCDrives.com, or any 
number of US based companies.

How would I know that the person might be from Germany, the UK, Canada??? 
Even looking up the domain doesn't guarantee that the user is from the 
country where the ISP is.

I thought at first that you were trying to tease Damon, but obviously 
you're really upset about a label being on the wrong side of a 
card. There's nothing physically or electrically wrong with the card,