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Re: no repeater wet/dry mix? that's silly.

Eric Williamson <erwill@suitandtieguy.com> wrote:

>i must say i'm rather shocked that the repeater does not have a mix knob. 


>no immediate overdub from record mode exit: pretty shitty, but the 
>fact you can
>save loops (like empty loops, for example) or record (or as i called it 
>the 'plex, _prime_) an empty loop before you start adding to it makes it 
>an irritant.

Agreed.  And it would *seem* to be the sort of thing that could easily
be fixed in future upgrades -- a setting like "switch into overdub from
record (yes/no)?" doesn't seem to involve any new functionality.

>no mix control: really really bad. it means i have to hit two switches 
>of just one to route an instrument to the loop (the way i work, with a 
>it also makes processing of loop feedback (i've really got into the whole
>loopfeedbackthroughpitchshift thing lately) damn near impossible.
>even if the mix control was only addressable in software, or was a simple
>selection between 50/50 or all wet, this would be a non-issue.

YES -- this is exactly what I feel as well.  I also use a mixer --
I can't see how you can manage multiple effects units without
a mixer! -- and I always want all my effects to be all wet and no dry at 

In fact, a classic error of mine is when the wet/dry dial gets
turned on my Headrush and I don't correct it before a show.
Then my voice suddenly gets MUCH louder when I bring in
the looper BEFORE I start to use it.  I've done this a couple
of times and it's really annoying...

I can see that DJs would be much happier with that
because they'd play right THROUGH the unit -- you'd
use the output of the machine as your final mix!

Guitarists and such would also play THROUGH the unit
and right into an amp.

Now, what are the chances of fixing this?!

Well, either it's software or hardware.

If it's software, it can be fixed.

If it's hardware....

What I fear is that somewhere in the circuit diagram is
something like this:

                      passive mix here (no potentiometer)

->-INPUT ----- LOOP PROCESSING --+--- OUT ->-
            |                     |
in that case          ^
the response          |
would be              |
                    cut here

so we'd have to go into the unit and cut the traces --
which might be hard if it were on a printed circuit

I'd do it though!


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