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Re: no repeater wet/dry mix? that's silly.

Quoting Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com>:
> An observation here... I think what you guys using external mixers want 
> just 100% wet output, not a mix control. Oftentimes devices even have 
> a dedicated output.

absolutely. i never use the mix knob. i said "addressable in software" 
when i 
should have said "addressable through MIDI".

two of the loopers which have passed in/out of my hands have had problems 
whereby i could only use their "wet" aspect. The RDS8K, which i sold but 
back when i realised how cool it was, came to me from Daddy's Junky Music 

The Echoplex had a fucked mix knob and being out of warranty i decided it 
be cheaper to bypass the pot on the board using a jumper wire. considering 
was no longer my echoplex, this was not the best thing to do.

sorry kevin. send me the bill when you get around to it.

Eric Williamson