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Re: A Repeater suggestion

At 02:56 AM 8/29/2001, you wrote:
>I do think there's a certain dichotomy starting to emerge in terms of
>feature sets, with the Repeater more geared towards multi-track-style
>recording, panning, processing, and storage of stereo audio, and the EDP
>more geared towards live, spontaneous interactive performance and
>in-depth sample editing between the input and the looper.

I don't own a Repeater (yet) but from studying the manual I think the 
Repeater will be an amazing instrument to use live. This is why I am 
one. The extra DSP features are useful if you need them, but you can 
to not use them if you want. I can even see using them live. But keep in 
mind, when I play live I am seated and composing sequenced tracks and 
on Logic, not standing playing a guitar. I can't assess the Repeater as a 
live instrument for guitar-only use.

Regardless, both instruments afford the musician a common set of tools 
albeit with a different user interface. Perhaps this will start a user 
interface war a-la mac os vs. windoze? I think time will tell. When all of 
us Repeater-craving users have one in our system and have used it 
extensively it should become clearer how the tool can best be used.

The issue of no wet/dry mix does concern me however. This seems to me like 
an over-sight on the design. Electrix? care to comment? what's the 
rationale behind this?