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Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

Got my Repeater last night from the good folks at Alto.  Yipee!!  I was
happy to see that I got the limited edition backwards memory card which I
will someday re-sell on Ebay for a zillion dollars.

This is definitely a very powerful box.  I was hoping that it would
completely replace all my other loopers (EDP, Headrush, Boomerang, DL4) for
my live work, but it doesn't look like that will be the case.  I'll 
still need at least one or two others so I can have non-synchronized loops
(which I use all the time).  I knew this limitation before I got it though,
so I wasn't disappointed.

Is the Electrix foot controller still planned?  I'm not going to bother
buying a different foot controller unless I need to.  The three button is
probably not going to do it for me, and I'm not keen on getting a big MIDI
foot controller just for the Repeater.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get started on the box.  I 
recording 4 channel loops without touching the manual.  When I read the
manual, I was amazed at how much functionality was there.

Here's my requests and minor complaints that I haven't already seen on the

ON/OFF button! - I'm not sure the reasoning on why this isn't there.  For
live work, it doesn't matter so much, but in my studio, in a rack, it's
going to be on always, even if I'm not going to use it.  A front panel
on/off switch would be really nice for studio work.  I already have this
problem with my MoFX and Filter Factory with their rear On/Off switches.
The Sleep feature is nice, but it's going to be a pain to have to Sleep the
box every time I power up my rack.

Damon has already addressed this issue, but I'll just add myself to list of
people that would like a wet/dry mix on it.

I think using the insert as an input mute will work fine when the box is on
the aux sends of a mixer, although a little cumbersome.

My only major disappointment is that you can't edit WAV files on your mac 
PC and then drop them on the card and have the repeater discover them.  I
was hoping that it would be the case.  I haven't tried recording a loop and
then editing on the PC and putting it back on the card, but I'm hoping this
would work (will it?). MAJOR REQUEST: It'd be most excellent if Electrix
would publish their proprietary file formats so that one of us could write 
program to publish pre-recorded loops onto the memory card.  I'm hoping 
Electrix is already planning this program (their developers must have made
one while working on the box), but if not, I'd gladly write it.

OTHER MAJOR REQUEST: I was hoping that I could Re-Sample One Loop to
another.  This would be a great feature.  I'd rather ReSample a 4-Channel
Loop to a new loop than replace 2 of the channels on my existing loop.  
should be pretty easy to fix in an upgrade.

Unit Circle Media