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Re: King Frippson

Wow. Well... any solo work that was done with Frippertronics. Let the 
Fall is a good place to start. Exposure has some pretty interesting song 
writing and the use of Frippertronics in the popular song style as well as 
a version of Gabriel's Here Comes the Flood with just Frippertronics and 
Peter singing (the best version I think). And for a modern treatment of 
Fripeprtronics you can try That Which Passes.

Fripp uses two Revox R/R decks for his looping in Let the Powerfall and on 
That Which Passes he uses (I think) a couple EH3500's and some TC delays 
(this is what I saw him live with the last time).

Also you need to get Eno's Music for Airports and Fripp/Eno's Evening Star.

Then, then... you will begin to understand. :)


At 12:14 PM 8/30/2001, you wrote:

>     Can someone recommend some good loop-based Robert Fripp stuff?  I
>haven't heard a lot of his stuff, except for a few King Crimson tracks 
>and there.  Thanks ...
>     Mike
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