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Repeater: Track Bleed Through?

Greetings LD,

    I seem to be having a little problem with my rig since dropping
    in my new Repeater (Thanks Alto!).

    I'm not really a whiz at this stuff (took me a week and a LD query
    to learn how to close the loop at the right place on my Headrush),
    but this seems a little weird.   When I have a loop playing on the 
    it seems to be sending a signal 'upstream' to my other rack mounted 
    the input lights on my Vortex & Reflex glow rather strongly and if I 
    my IPS33B (digitech) out of bypass then there is some audible 
    occurring on the pre-recorded loop.  In addition, if I record a 2nd, 
3rd or
    4th loop and isolate any one of them I can faintly hear the previous 

     I have checked all my  input/output cables to make sure they are 
inserted in the
     proper places.  I am running this stereo rack gear from the Effects 
Loop of my
     Lexicon Stereo Amp & monitoring with the headphone jack on the 
     itself.  The Repeater is at the very end of the chain, and it has a 
Filter Factory in
     its own effect loop (very cool!).

      This definitely did not happen when my Line6 Dl-4 was in the same 
place in the
      chain  (dl-4 is now moved out front & plugged into the instrument 

     I don't want to be too quick to blame the Repeater, but it sure seems 
like the
     Anybody have any clues about this behavior?  Any tests i can do to 
isolate the

    I have more comments to make about the Repeater, but I really need 
more time and
    UNDERSTANDING before i make a post.  Overall, I will say I am happy 
with the purchase
    and it was well worth the wait.

Gone Loop Crazy in Albuquerque