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Re: Syncing the EDP to the Repeater

At 07:23 AM 8/29/2001, muman wrote:
>Hello all,
>I'm having a problem syncing the EDP to the Repeater. I read the
>FAQ and tried a number of different settings, but the EDP still
>drifts. I should mention that all my other gear syncs without fail.

does Repeater actually generate MIDI clock out? I looked through the 
repeater feature lists and manual and saw mention of sync to midi clock 
but couldn't find anything about clock out. It's hard for me to imagine it 
doesn't do that, so I'm guessing I missed it?

Assuming it does, you should see the sync LED flashing on the EDP to 
indicate it is receiving clock. This is the decimal point on the lower 
right of the display. It should flash where the Echoplex thinks the 
beginning of the loop is. Are you seeing that?

once the echoplex has started receiving sync and the LED has flashed, 
pressing Record will put you into a waiting period. The display will show 
"ooo".  It waits for the next startpoint to come along, at which point it 
automatically starts Recording. When you press Record again, it again 
the "ooo" and waits for the start point again, at which point it stops 
recording. Did it do that much?

Then, assuming the EDP continues to receive a good midi clock it will 
continue to sync to it by aligning it's start point with the midi clock. 
You can tell when it actually adjusts itself, because two decimal points 
will flash.

If the incoming midi clock tempo stays within a reasonable window, the 
echoplex will continue to sync to it. This is to handle drift between 
machines. (I forget the size of the window exactly, somewhere around +/- 
5BPM). If the clock changes by more than that, the Echoplex assumes you 
intend for things to go out of sync and stops trying to sync itself to the 
source. With Repeater you can change loop tempo a lot, which I assume 
change the midi clock out tempo too? If you are doing that and Repeater is 
the clock master, you will get mixed results with other devices. Some 
things will follow it and some won't.

also, are you using the current software for the Echoplex, LoopIIIv5.0? 
That made a lot of improvements for midi sync. Most importantly, it 
the echoplex to continue keeping itself in sync after the initial loop was 
recorded.  The older software just sync'd the initial loop and then ran 
free, which tended to have problems with drift.

>Here is the last setting I tried:
>SwitchQuant = CYC
>Quantize = On
>Sync = IN
>8ths/beat = 8

you shouldn't have any problem with that setup.


Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
kflint@loopers-delight.com    | http://www.loopers-delight.com