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RE: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

SimpleTech are still our highest recommended card.
It has become apparent that there are certain sets of cards currently in
circulation that may not be compatible with Repeater. We are working with
SimpleTech to isolate exactly which cards may have problems. We will have
more information available in the next few days.

Do not panic! 

In the short term we have come to an agreement with SimpleTech that if
any Repeater user has bought an incompatible card, it will be replaced
with a good card.

If you get a SimpleTech card that just won't format
(it will say "format fail"), this is what to do:

1. Feel good about buying SimpleTech
2. Please try it just once more to make sure.
3. If the card 'Just Won't Format', mail it to:
        'My Card Won't Work'
        Electrix/IVL Technologies
        c/o Lisa Tyner
        6710 Bertram Place
        Victoria BC 
        V8M 1Z6
4. As soon as we receive the incompatible card we will send you the new one
right away.

Again, we will have more information later but in the meantime SimpleTech
been providing an excellent level of support, and has voiced their
to providing CFC media that is compatible with Repeater. 

Damon Langlois
Creative Director
Tel (250) 544-4091 Fax (250) 544-4100