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repeater price + taxes in europe

At 12:19 p.m. 31/08/01 +0100, you wrote:


>I have discussed this issue of unreasonable price difference between USA 
>the UK with several dealers on numberless occasions. It applies to any
>imported item, no matter of what kind. The general claim is that most of 
>difference is due to custom/import taxes, nothing to do with the dealers
>themselves making more profit. Another small portion is due to higher
>overall business costs for UK traders (higher income tax, higher rents 
>and the actual cost of shipment.

        governments sucks us continuously,
        that's they task above all ...

>I don't know if there is a solution. So far the only way around it I could
>find is to get someone to buy things for me abroad, then send them to me
>marked as "personal present" - Even so the Customs have occasionally 
>the parcel and questioned the "present", once charging me the import tax,
>the value added tax plus a handling fee..., thus doubling the actual cost 
>the "present"!

        i think this is the solution, since you have
        a way of claiming those taxes added if you
        can demostrate that it really was a present.
        at least here in spain.
        i did it for a preamp i bought from an australian friend 
        and it lasted a call to the customs (that prior retained the 
        (... "what's this thing for ?" .. ehermmm ...) 
        to solve the matter 
        maybe this can vary depending on the *present* value.
        any lawyer here to clarify all this ?

Raul Bonell