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RE: Vintage CFC and Repeater first impressions

What is amazing I found is that the tempo of the loop changes (without 
change) with changes to midi clock from my ER-1. With hardly any 
to the sound...

Using reverse, the change is instant, and after a moment of adjustment, the
loop is locked, with the bar/beat counter going backward.

The tempo shift is hardly a 'special feature': It is at the heart of this

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark [mailto:sine@zerocrossing.net]
> Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 9:12 AM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Vintage CFC and Repeater first impressions
> Hey boys and girls,
> Well, it finally happened.  Last night I high tailed it over to
> Banana's At
> Large and picked up my Repeater.  I must say that Rik my salesman was 
> knowledgeable about The repeater and looping in general.  We had
> a nice chat
> about the Repeater vs. the Echoplex DP and agreed that none of
> them would ever
> stand up to what the Againinator will be once they open up stem
> cell research so
> R&D can continue.
> I zoomed home, had dinner with my hungry wife, and then finally
> hooked up the
> Repeater in my rig.  Nothing fancy, just put it at the end of the
> signal path.
> This fucker is SWEET.
> I did have an initial horror: I DIDN'T GET ONE OF THE VINTAGE
> Don't assume the
> card goes in with the label on the bottom.  Mine did not.
> Putting it in with
> the label on top was VERY easy and obvious that it was the
> correct way to do it.
> One of my MAIN tests of any new gear is whether or not I can
> "make it go", on a
> basic level, without reading the manual.  Within moments, I had
> synched an 8 bar
> stereo loop to my Roland MC-307.  I don't mind having to record a
> blank loop so
> that I get seamless ins and outs.  I use that time to build an
> intro anyway.
> Before I knew it, I was playing the loop backwards and over
> dubbing onto it,
> then re-reversing it to hear my dubs backwards and my original
> loop forward.  I
> would say that in terms of usability, that's way more than basic
> operation.  Who
> ever designed the interface of this baby did their home work.
> Even though they
> were absent on the day they taught "wet/dry mix." <nelson> ha ha 
> Well, I didn't have any time to dive deeper, as it was getting close to 
> bedtime, and I didn't have my studio setup they way I would truly
> want it to
> be.  I can see it's going to take a while to find out the best
> place for this in
> the signal chain.  One slight criticism is that you don't get
> both 4 separate
> outputs AND an effects loop.  I knew that before hand and bought
> it anyway.
> Don't think software will fix that one.  No matter, it's plenty
> versatile, and
> with an extra macie mixer, I think I shouldn't have any problem with 
> I love the marketing-glib-down-with-da-peeps manual, though my
> eyeball sockets
> are sore from excessive eye rolling.  OUCH!
> OK, must head to work.  Was it worth the wait?  Sure was, but it
> would have been
> sweet to have this last November too.  Damn, I should have had
> this all my life!
> Mark