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RE: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

Hmm... Looks like that was a little too much for babelfish, but here's
what it came up with for that...

> blank luigi they are graziano accinni I hope you speaks the Italian
> on the situated one loopers-delight I understand very little
> are allowed to me of mandarti my address www.rustyrobot.com of my job 
> ACCYNNY " HYPNOS " I hope is of your gradimento a salute 
> grazianoaccinni@tiscalinet.it 

I guess it makes sense - although I can't say it's much more than
the spam you were mentioning before. 

I suggest that those of you who are offended by this simply 
add him to a killfile or similar rule and not complain any more.