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Re: Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade

Check out at www.stecrecords.com, you should find everthing related there.
Anyway, just a few details, the stereo function is achieved as such a 
modified JamMan can play 4 tracks (if i remember right) at the same 
time, and they can have their own panpot.
Before knowing of such a update, i bought 2 of them.
Anyway, the real annoying thing of the JM is the poor audio quality 
and dynamic.
It seems that Repeater actually beats it up, and it has dozens of 
plus features. The price is even not greater than the JM with full 
memory expansion when it came in the market.
Still waiting for 2 nice priced TC 2290 anyway (hehehe, they're mono 
too as the JM), that would be a long wait of course ;-)



>"Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade" ????? what what what?  I 
>do an upgrade that allowed me to synch to midi sequences that were in 5/4 
>7/4, but stereo multitrack?  Where can I get more info?
>Mark Sottilaro