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Re: A Repeater suggestion

Hi Miko,

>> Sorry Andre... It's a simple question, that we've spent more time
engaged with you, than the designers.  <<

Then I'm sorry to have chimed in with an opinion.  Since this is a
public forum and discussion, it seems to me that anyone (including the
designers) could choose to chime in on the ideas I've brought forth if
they were so inclined.  Again, it seems I've taken up an undue and
unwelcome amount of your time, and for that I apologize.

>> This just seems to be a different kettle of fish and I'm not quite
sure why you're trying to dissuade us from asking these questions. <<

That's not what I'm trying to do.  What I AM trying to do is get a sense
of where the design philosophy was coming from in the first place, and
offer that philosophy forth as a response to criticisms which (in my
increasingly dubious perspective) might not entirely reflect an
appreciation of what Electrix was after.  

And, as I've said before, I find it troubling when people start asking
for modifications on gear they may not totally understand or be
conversant with.  Especially when they don't actually have the gear in

Anyway... I've spent more than enough time trying to offer my (seemingly
unwelcome) point of view on the unit.  So I gladly defer to you and the
other Repeater users and customers with a more informed and vested
interest in the unit than myself.

>> So maybe stand back and let those with real interest in the product
try to sort ou the pros and cons? <<

Sure thing, man.  Sorry to have wasted any time trying to give my
disinterested personal slant on where the product might be coming from.