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Re: midi pedals

Hi all,

New to the list (and looping for that matter), but I just picked up a 
Repeater and happened to spend the weekend working with it and my Roland 
FC-200, so for what it's worth I thought I'd do a quick show and tell 
more tell I guess).

I've used the FC-200 for years now to control a rack of multi-fx and a 
setup for Chapman Stick.  It has 4 modes to it.. program change, 
controller, note mode and system exclusive.  To date I've only been using 
program change and note mode (which sets it up as a one octave MIDI 
in essence).

The continuous controller mode seems to be working pretty darn well with 
Repeater though.  It allows for the FC-200's 13 pedals to each be assigned 
controller number.  There are a few limitations (which frankly I don't 
as far as what numbers you can assign... but in general you can use any 
numbers from 1-31 and 33-95.  This (if you glance at your Repeater manual) 
covers about 80% or so of the Repeater's features.. the exceptions being, 
 multiply, FX insert, Tempo Lock, Loop select up and loop select down.  
Sounds like a lot missing, but.. you CAN do record select for all 4 
level/mute for all 4 tracks, track slip (all 4), panning (all 4), pitch 
control (yup), overdub feedback level and all the basics (play, stop, 
undo, reverse, play/stop).  Also of interest is that all of these pedals 
be set to latch or momentary type operation.  

If 13 pedals isn't enough, you also have a built in continuos controller 
1-31, 33 to 95), and 6 jacks on the back where you can add other 
pedals or momentary/latch pedals.  

Seems to cover all my needs.  

--Tom G.