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Re: Roland Wave Processor

> As this is just a simplification of Rolands VG technology, any VG
users out
> there are inited to chime in...

Hi. I use VG-8 for 4 years, if I may be of any help in what you want
to know...
The synth sounds in VG are very expressive, as it is processing of
your instruments signal, they react very well and instantly, they can
change over time with the changes of your strings tone, or with the
expression pedal, but they are basic synth engines. Soustractive, I
mean, TB303 type, PWM, double-filter, organic, crystal (must be FM I
think)... It's very attractive for a guitar player to use these kind
of sounds like the conventionnal distortion of an amp. Much more

M'sieur Ch'val

Le rendez-vous des zamis des chevalx : http://tichoual.free.fr/