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Echoplex Digital Pro Documentation Whining

I use my Echoplex  Digital Pro as my primary looper. Frankly, though, I 
rarely push the limits of its capabilities. When I’m in a playing 
mood, I want to do just that, play. Hence, I don’t want to fool with 
reviewing documentation, etc.

That being said, I feel that, while the documentation for the EDP is 
thorough, it’s organized in an inefficient manner. The first thing I 
did when I received my EDP was to copy the pertinent sections of the docs 
for the purpose of creating a smaller, more easily accessible set of 
documentation (e.g. just the RECORD, INSERT commands, et al).

Secondly, I feel that there needs to be some sort of user’s guide 
that provides examples of how to use the EDP in a cookbook manner. There 
are snippets of this type of info in the Looper’s Delight archive 
gleaned from the board’s messages but a more comprehensive grouping 
of examples would be beneficial.

Gibson/Trace-Elliot fortunately has reintroduced the EDP some time ago. I 
don’t know what their sales figures are like but the device has some 
serious competition in the Electrix Repeater. The lack of more thorough 
EDP documentation strikes me as a severe drawback to the EDP. Also, 
there’s been talk off and on about a video tutorial for the EDP. I 
think the device warrants this kind of learning tool.

Gibson/Trace-Elliot must have invested a not insignificant sum when they 
setup the manufacturing environment for the EDP. Maybe they should 
consider allocating sufficient funds to address the documentation/user 
training shortcomings of the EDP.

Anyhow, my two cents.

Regards, Paul