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RE: Repeater & Tempo

Dear Philip
I was interested by your email - to help with any purchase decision, I have prepared some .mp3 files
from the Repeater sitting on my desk. If you can recieve about 1M of data, I will mail you the .mp3
files individually.
    Don Goodeve
-----Original Message-----
From: Philip Rampi [mailto:prgconsulting@prodigy.net]
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2001 11:17 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Repeater & Tempo

Here's my question to all that own a Repeater:

How slow can you go?

I own 2 EDP's and have the glutinous urge to purchase a Repeater as well.  Not that I need to, but the tempo function has got me curious.  I have wanted a device that could slow audio without a pitch change for quite a while.  My main interest in the tempo function is to use it as a technology based teacher (I.E. - slow that hyper fast Celtic reel down without pitch change so that I can learn it proper).  I know that various software has offered this type of function but I prefer a hardware solution (portability).

I was very close to purchasing a device called the TR-1000 ($250.00).

This box is a looper that is designed for transcribers and comes highly recommended from a musical buddy.  It is incredibly easy to use and does it's job very well.  My issue is that it's purchase price is nearly 1/2 that of the repeater and that its top sample rate is only 22k.  At that sample rate you only get 1.5 min. of recording and there are obvious and annoying artifacts in the sound.  It is clear that the Repeater is a far superior box and does an amazing amount of very cool things but.....  Is it as good at the tempo thang or not.

Please post information on the following:

Can you slow audio down without pitch change that is of good quality (few artifacts)?

What is the actual range of this function (I.E. - max and min ranges for speed up and slow down)

Is this function stable (someone just posted a Repeater lockup during tempo function)?

Any feedback on the TR-1000 or similar devices?