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Repeater Impressions

I received my Repeater today. I wasn't on any waiting list or anything, so
for those that still are, you shouldn't be. (I will refrain from a Nelson

My first impression is: way cool.

I own two EDP's as well, and can see how the Repeater will compliment the
EDP's, and vice versa. 

Unfortunately, my SimpleTech 128MB card won't format, so I'm stuck with the
stock card until I can get my replacement. And unfortunately again, the
stock card is not the fabled wrong-side-sticker CFC. 

However, the demos are pretty cool on the stock card. After formatting it,
I'm sure I'll have enough sample time to really check this thing out. Hell,
I might even push the limits and try out one of these IBM microdrives I 
lying about.

My second impression: my big toe hurts. The FS300 can be painful.

My third impression: I need a midi controller (or the overdub needs to be
switched out the back.) My midi controller needs to control the EDP's, the
Repeater, and a POD Pro. Suggestions?

I'm now going to hit the manual and learn all there is to read about this
beast. It took me about 3 minutes to go from box to actually looping 
the manual, so kudos to Electrix for the intuitive interface. 

Finally, I'm looking for feedback from any Repeater owners who also have a
couple EDP's. I'd like to get some ideas as to how to setup the Repeater in
my chain. Of course the 'chain' is currently dynamic, it's just in the
patchbay, but routing suggestions are quite welcome.

David S. Kenzik
david@kenzik.com -  http://kenzik.com
Original Music   -  http://kenzik.com/music