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Re: Looping pads and ambient sounds

on 9/6/01 9:24 PM, giuseppe_poteet@worldnet.att.net at
giuseppe_poteet@worldnet.att.net wrote:

> on 9/6/01 3:34 PM, M. Steven Ginn at sginn@airmail.net wrote:
> I recently asked a similar question, & I think this is how it goes:
> The best solution is a cross fade.  If that's not an option,
> you have to try to find "matching" points in your loop to make
> the start & end.  Silence (or close to it) is obviously the
> best choice for your loop points.  But patience & perseverance(both of 
> I often don't have enough of) might lead you to find other suitable loop
> points in your material.
>> What is the best way to get a clean loop when working with pads and
>> ambient sounds so that a bump isn't created at the end where a
>> noticeable transition happens each time the loop repeats?
>> Thanks,
>> Steve

With the JamMan and the Repeater, I have to "prime" the loop, by basically
recording a blank loop first, then putting the loop back in record.  For 
inverse, I'll play a very sustainy sound and toggle the loop in and out of
record for a nice chaotic feel.

Mark Sottilaro