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Re: repeater/mofx synch

comon, i know several of you have both repeater and mofx.
has anyone synched them?
if not can you try it and tell me the results?
hook a brother up...

> has anybody tried synching repeater and mofx?
> i tried it this weekend with the mofx slaved to the 
> repeater and it seems to be having quite a bit of
> trouble keeping synch.  the main problem is delay.
> it quite frequently (several times per measure) has to  readjust 
> to stay synched causing all kinds of weird bent-pitch artifacts.
> i like weird, but i also like to use synchronized delay without
> the weirdness.
> i was unable to get the repeater to synch to the mofx
> though that would be much less desirable, even if it worked...