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Re: the power of limits

Steuart wrote... ** while i love gear, i also find it useful to just show 
up to a gig with nothing except a bass and an amp. it channels my energy 
differently - - and in a healthy way many times.

That last 'healthy' comment really rings for me as well. It's amazing how 
versatile you become when you aren't distracted by a pile of gear and just 
listen and react. The simplicity is very appealing...

> Oh yeah, it's plenty healthy... for your back!  I should have become a 

I recently acquired a funky old tube amp (Alamo 2570) after having done 
the direct-inject thing for years, and found myself ignoring a fairly new 
Lexicon PCM80 in favor of a pedal board and amp. It's been really fun just 
going out to play with that setup, although I'm probably going to put the 
EDP and PCM80 in a two space rack bag to take along sometimes as well.

Miko Biffle - Miko.Biffle@asml.com
"Running scared from all the usual distractions!"